Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Visit to the Vet

I didn't have a clue where my human parents were taking me this afternoon. Right after dinner, they put me in my pink 'pet taxi' which is a little bit cramped for my liking, and we went for a drive. I was kind of disoriented and nervous and made little 'meows' every now and again. Only my mommy and daddy's constant assurances that everything was fine comforted me somewhat. After a few minutes we arrived at a pet clinic and had a little bit of wait. There were dogs and other cats there as well. Daddy was getting antsy, he isn't so good with waiting. Mommy whipped out her camera and decided it's time for some nice picture taking before my name gets called for my turn at the pet doctor's office. I'm sharing to you some pics here.

After what seemed like forever, they did call my name and we went to this small white room with a metal table. The assistant asked my parents some questions regarding me and inputted all the information on the computer. Then she proceeded to weigh me. I tipped the scale at 5.8 lbs! I'm getting bigger! The doctor came in soon after and did a physical check up. He checked my mouth and teeth, my ears, my tummy and even used a stethoscope to see if I'm breathing normally ( I guess...) I hear him say, healthy cat!

I barely felt the needle against my right thigh, the doc did it quickly & smoothly (thanks goodness). I got a shot for Panleukopenia,Rhinotracheitis,Calicivirus,Feline Leukemia. The doc told my parents that they are mostly respiratory ailments. The Rabies feline vaccine was also in the mix. So one shot to prevent all those diseases, not bad. Not bad at all.

My parents must be really heaving a sigh of relief that the experience didn't turn out to be such an ordeal for me, and for them. For the ride home, they didn't put me back in my carrier and just let me sit with them in the front seat of the car. I found my favorite spot in the car- on the top of the driver's seat, right against my daddy's head. It was a fun ride home!